Building Inspection

Many home buyers think that since a condominium or condo is a smaller investment than a house, they can be more laid back. Moreover, many buyers are also misinformed about the fact that most components of their new condo, like HVAC appliances, are not the building’s responsibility. 

That’s why a condominium inspection in Glynn is strongly recommended. These days, no type of property can be called cheap. Costing several thousand dollars, even small condos are a huge investment for most of us. 

That’s why, at Heritage Home Inspections we take condominium inspections in Mcintosh, Glynn, Long, and Liberty just as seriously as other types of inspections that we conduct.

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), our Founder and your inspector Matt is a trained and equipped home inspection professional with a strong background of running his own construction companies in the past.

Condominium Inspection
Condominium Inspection
Condominium Inspection

Work with One of the Best Building Inspectors

Matt’s unique experience in the construction and renovation industry, that stretches over three decades, combined with over a year of experience in conducting home inspections and condominium inspections in Long, Liberty, Glynn, and McIntosh allows him to conduct thorough inspections and find even the most well hidden issues within a home.

Matt takes his job seriously and understands that perfection cannot be rushed. That’s why, at Heritage Home Inspections, we only take a single booking for each day (between Monday and Saturday). This way we are able to commit completely to the project at hand and provide our valued clients with an accurate narrative of the condition of the condominium that you are considering to purchase.

So whether it is a regular home inspection you are looking for, or a quick but necessary condominium inspection, choose only Heritage Home Inspections.

Same-Day Inspection Reports

Using PalmTech software, the most widely trusted software by home inspectors across the globe, Matt can produce detailed and easy to understand home inspection reports in HTML format. This way, the reports can be finished with relevant photographs and videos, and can be delivered to your email inbox within 24 hours of completing the actual inspection.

If you are looking to make an informed decision with urgency, Matt at Heritage Home Inspections is your man.

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